Yoni Candy For Ladies




Product name:
100% Natural Sugar Lump Yoni Candy Sweet Sexy Yoni Sugar Candies
Cool Dry Place
Great for those who suffer from dryness, Sweetener, and libido booster
Enhances your sex life
Makes your vaginal Dripping Wet
Scents available
Lick and suck on 2-6 candies 30 mins to an hour before play time to Circulate throughout your body

Yoni Candy Sex sweetener also aids wetness Lump sugar sweetener candy…For wetness, sweetener, and Libido booster..makes you drip.. enhances your sexual life. Sugar lumps make you very sweet, give you the urge for sex and make your man feel the

sweetness of your vagina. Must have for every woman.. take care of your sex life…
These White Candies are Small Cubes of Candies, it is Lickable, it is used to avoid Vaginal dryness, Burns or Pains, and All it does is to help Secrete Vaginal Fluid/Juice thereby Making you Wet and Juicy.